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Why I want to travel to France

Hello my name is Andrew and this blog is gonna be about France and I would travel the on a plane to France because I have never rode on a plane before and I would travel to France because I want to see the Eiffel Tower because I have never seen it before and I would go to Paris in France the main attraction is the Eiffel Tower I need to learn how to speak French before I go there and it’s in Europe the population is 66.03 million


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I would like to go to Germany. I think Germany seems like a cool place to visit
I would save up all my money to go to Germany by plane. I would like to go to the capital Berlin witch is also the largest cities. If yo wanted to go to Germany you would have to have your passport and a plan ticket. If you are going to Germany you would heave to Learn to speak there language. To speak the language you would have to take a couple of classes.

Hallo wie geht ES IHNEN heute


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Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. I think Africa would be such a beautiful place as you read this post you will hopefully learn new facts about Africa. The population of Africa 1.111 billion!
Three cities that are Africa are Alexandria, Egypt.
Cape Town, South Africa.
Casablanca Morocco.
Some cool things about Africa are:
The longer River in the world is the Nile River and it is 4,132 miles long it is located in Africa.
Africa has the worlds biggest deserts the Sahara desert is the size of The United States.
Victorious Falls is Africa’s largest waterfall it is 355 feet long and is 1 mile long wide.
Africa is the second largest continent in the world it is approximately 11.7 million square miles.

Three very popular things places in Africa are
Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is 355′ feet tall!
Another place is The Pyramids of The Sphinx. The Sphinx Pyramids are 240 feet tall!
One more place in Africa is the Mount Mulanje.
At about 3,000 meters Mount Mulanje is the biggest mountain in central Africa!
I hope you liked my blog have a great day!


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My visit to Pakistan
My country is Pakistan and I will get there by airplane. The reason I want to travel to Pakistan is to learn there life style. The cities I want to visit are the Lahore fort, pir sohawa, and the Baltit forts and the cities I want to visit are Karachi, Lahore, and Milton. The only problem is that there is terrorism in Pakistan and lots of security warnings. I will need to learn a language called Urdu and I will communicate through it.

ہیلو ، آپ کیسے ہیں آج



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All About France


All About France

Bonjour comment allez vous? Oh sorry It’s really hello how are you? Are you ready to go to France? Let’s go. Did you know France is the most visited place in the world?,but it’s no mystery why, it is filled with sight seeing exitment that is definitely worth seeing, like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe, Notre Dame De Paris, palace of Versailles, and many many more. There are plenty of city’s in France that you could visit like Paris, Lyon, and so many more. The country of France holds a little more than 66.03 million people.Espoir vous aver aime lerrning during France. Par.
( hope you liked learning about France. Bye.)

Picture of the effel tower from
Picture of the Notre dame from
Picture of the arc de triomph from
Picture of the palace of versalles from





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Muraho Rwanda


The country that I chose to travel to is Rwanda. I want to travel to Rwanda because I know a person that went there and she loved it. I also want to go there because when the person I knew came home from Rwanda, she brought be some artifacts from there. I thought that those artifacts were really cool so I wanted to learn more about them and more about the country they came from. I will get to Rwanda by flying in a plane because Rwanda is in Africa. Africa is a continent that is separated from the United States by the Atlantic Ocean and I’m not going to drive across the ocean! Before I went to Rwanda I would need to get about four shots at least. I probably get another three shots, just to be safe. I also would need to know the exchange rate between U.S. Money and Rwandan money. The exchange rate is that 1 dollar equals 688 Rwandan francs. Lastly, I would need to know some different languages. I would need to know a little bit of French, since that is an official language. But I would mainly need to know Kinyarwandian. This is the most used language in Rwanda. There is also a little bit of English spoken there, but is mainly Kinyarwanda. If you would say “How are you” in English to a person who spoke Kinyarwanda, you would have to say “Muraho, amakuru?” instead. To use that phrase I would need to go out into Rwanda’s towns. If I ever did go to Rwanda I would probably go to many different tourist attractions. The first place I would go, which is the most popular attraction, would be the A’Kagera National Park. This national park has many different kinds of wildlife. It also has over 500 different kinds of birds. A’Kagera National Park is located on the eastern side of Rwanda. Lake Mungesera and Rusumo Falls are also included in the park. The next most popular tourist attraction is Parc des Volcans. This is a sanctuary and one of the last places on Earth that has the mountain gorilla. Parc des Volcans also has two active volcanoes. Another tourist attraction I would go to would be Lake Kivu. You can do many different water sports and excursions here, too. One of the last attractions I would go to would be the Rugege Forest. This forest has a ginormous variety of wildlife and rare species of wildlife. I hope you liked by blog, Murabeho! (Good Bye)
Pictures are from the curtesy of


















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My country is Nigeria, its population is 173.6 million people. I will get there by plane, I will pass a bunch of countries, and states. I really want to travel for two reasons. First because I know missionary’s who go there to teach other people about God. Second reason is because I want to figure out their language and finally how they live each day. I will go to Abuja, Minna, and Jos. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Minna is just a city just like Jos is also a city. A few things that I need before I leave is appropriate clothing, my bible, and shoes. I will communicate by their language or English. One language they us is Edo but not all people Nigeria use it. English is hello, how are you just like we use everyday.


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Easter Island


I am doing research on Easter island.
My country is Easter island I’m am doing research on.
I will get there by flying on an airplane.
The reasons I would want to go to this place is that it is pretty much always warm unless something happens.
The places I would want to go to in Easter island are the Moai heads.
The things I will need to know are how they act and how they dress and there language.
I will communicate by using google translate on my phone if I had a phone.Hola, ¿cómo estas hoy.

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Hello have you ever gone to France.I never have but I want to.It sounds fun to see Paris and the Eiffel Tower.Did you know that this is how you say hello,how are you today in French bonjour, comment allez-vous aujourd’hui.I would have to get there by plane though.I would have to learn to speak French.I would need to find out where the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.

Pictures from :



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Ther are about 6.2 million people are in Ireland
And 4.58 people live in Ireland

The city’s in Ireland are,Galway, Warner ford,cork

A over head map of Ireland looks like this
Because Ireland is a really beautiful and the animals there are awesome and I just want to live out of the city’s so I can see the stars.

I would go in the middle of nowhere in Ireland and bild a house

They say hello how are as ” hello how are you”
A air plane pass and Lugedge and a trillion dollars.

I will use google translate.


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