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Cape Verde


Cape Verde My country is Cape Verde three cities in Cape Verde are, Boa Vista, Fogo, and Brava. If I ever wanted to travel to Cape Verde I would have to travel by boat or plane because it is surrounded by water and you can’t drive a car in the water. I want to travel […]



Why I want to travel to France Hello my name is Andrew and this blog is gonna be about France and I would travel the on a plane to France because I have never rode on a plane before and I would travel to France because I want to see the Eiffel Tower because I […]

All About London


London, England Hi I’m Kaylie and I’m doing London, England. London is in Europe The population in London is 8,173,941 3 cities in London are Watford, Romford, Croydon. Some interesting places to go in London are the buckingham palace. The Buckingham palace is a work place of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. the building […]

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