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Ireland I am going to Ireland I think I am going a a boat or a airplane to Ireland I’m going to Water ford, Enissn, Wexford because iam ten percent Irish the Dublin Zoo picture from peace, joe Martin Dia duit conas at ata inniu



Africa: Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. I think Africa would be such a beautiful place as you read this post you will hopefully learn new facts about Africa. The population of Africa 1.111 billion! Three cities that are Africa are Alexandria, Egypt. Cape Town, South Africa. Casablanca Morocco. […]

South Africa


The population of South Africa is 52.98 million people (2013). The language that they speak is English and Afrikaans. You would have to take a plane to South Africa because its across seas. Do they have good food there? You have to dress nice enough and don’t dress sloppy. Thank you for reading it!

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