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Scotland Population 5,327,700 Cities Dundee,Ullapool Facts 1:the official Animal of Scotland Is the unicorn. 2: fortingall yew has a 5,000 year Old tree. My country is Scotland . How will I get there by a air plane. Why do I want to travel there to master the bagpipe. Where would you go Dundee. What would […]



The population in Russia 146,000,000 Populous Petersburg and Moscow for federal reasons. And what they do for fun there is play with tops . And they like to make movies. And they like to make stuff and how you say hi is kak dela good day is kak dela v den . And they have […]



The place that I want to go to is ABURA because its a up forgettable site. I will get their by boat or I will travel their by airplane.I want to travel their because theirs a lot of stuff to do their, Also because it’s by the ocean! I would go to the Butterfly farm […]

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