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Cape Verde


Cape Verde
My country is Cape Verde three cities in Cape Verde are, Boa Vista, Fogo, and Brava.
If I ever wanted to travel to Cape Verde I would have to travel by boat or plane because it is surrounded by water and you can’t drive a car in the water.
I want to travel to Cape Verde some point in my life and I want to travel there because I’ve seen pictures of Cape Verde and it is really pretty there and I want to find out what it is like in another country.
Thing I need to know if I were to ever travel to Cape Verde I would need to know what the climate is like there, what they eat and how they eat it, how I am going to have to travel and what my shelter would be like.
I think I need to learn a new langue and I believe that langue is Portugese.
A couple facts about Cape Verde are
The shape of Cape Verde kinda looks like a crossbow
Cape Verde is located in the northwest part of Africa and in the northeast part of the Atlantic Ocean

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