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Hi thanks for checking out my blog and here are some fun facts about Japan.Japan population is 127,650,000.And some cites names in Japan are Toño,Oqa and saku.A tourist attraction in Japan whould be Mount Fuji they whould want to vist there because it’s the heights mountain in japan it’s about 3,776.24 meters.tourist whould what to vist sesō-Ji is the oldest temple in Tokyo.tourist also whould what to vist tōdai-ji because it once was one of the seven greatest temples.I whould have to either fly or use a boat to get to Japan. あなたは今日どのようにやっている that’s how you say hi how are you doing today in Japanese.I want to go there because it has a lot of history like temples.I whould vist Mount Fuji and I whould stay at the city Toñ need to know how to speek Japanese if you want to go there because if you don’t how whould you get food or find directions.If you want to go to Japan you need to know the weather a map maybe a bike a camera some clothes.Kids in Japan play ayatri for fun we call ayatri cats cartel.The kids also play beigoma it’s like bay blades they spin little toys and who ever get’s knocked out of the arena or stops spinning loses who evers is still spinning wins the game.

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