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All about Germany


All About Germany

I am. Doing Germany. Gemany is located in Europe. The population 80.62. The capital is Berlin,hopegarten,Naugn, are the most popular town or city in gemanythe Berlin Wall was buit in 8/15/1961to keep the east and west gemany apart. Football/socer is the most important sport in gemany. Berlin is the bigger city in Germany why should you go to gemany because the Berlin Wall was build there.they have a film festival and octobfest and Frankfurt book fair.there are some facts on why people travel to Germany

Germany is my county. I will get there by a boat or a airplane. I would like to go there bcause everybody on my mom side has been there but not me. I will communicateby sign language yes I do need to know either sign language or German language
Helleo how are you in German is hallo,wie geht es u

My pictures for Germany


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