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I am going to Ireland I think I am going a a boat or a airplane to Ireland I’m going to Water ford, Enissn, Wexford because iam ten percent Irish the Dublin Zoo picture from peace, joe Martin Dia duit conas at ata inniu




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I am making Florida. It is in the continent of Florida I will get there ether by car or plain. The reason I won’t to go there is I ben there be for but I won’t to go one more time be cose it is so pretty and there are Palm trees. I would do the tourist attraction. That you pack cold clothes be is so hot and humid it’s like 100-degrees out and almost like 125-degrees and you need sun screen to so you do not bern your selfie i Berne my selfie. Some people do talk different languages like it sounds like one is from France and one is from Russia but some talk like us.


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Population of figi is 881.065

The ocean next to it
The capital
The people
The mostly speak English
Figi a fun place

The main attraction is the ocean Side view and the condos and of how warm it is
Why I want to travel there is because it looks warm and really cool with the ocean .
By are a plane you need to know how to speak English and have a lot of fun

You need to speak in English you don’t need to speak
a new language unless you don’t speak English at all
Hello how are you today


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1:the official
Animal of Scotland
Is the unicorn.
2: fortingall yew
has a 5,000 year
Old tree.

My country is Scotland .
How will I get there by a air plane.
Why do I want to travel there to master the bagpipe.
Where would you go Dundee.
What would i need to know before you go a ticket to
Scotland is 116 dollars to fly to Scotland.
Hello and see you later in Scottish
Halò See ye efter.



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Cape Verde


Cape Verde
My country is Cape Verde three cities in Cape Verde are, Boa Vista, Fogo, and Brava.
If I ever wanted to travel to Cape Verde I would have to travel by boat or plane because it is surrounded by water and you can’t drive a car in the water.
I want to travel to Cape Verde some point in my life and I want to travel there because I’ve seen pictures of Cape Verde and it is really pretty there and I want to find out what it is like in another country.
Thing I need to know if I were to ever travel to Cape Verde I would need to know what the climate is like there, what they eat and how they eat it, how I am going to have to travel and what my shelter would be like.
I think I need to learn a new langue and I believe that langue is Portugese.
A couple facts about Cape Verde are
The shape of Cape Verde kinda looks like a crossbow
Cape Verde is located in the northwest part of Africa and in the northeast part of the Atlantic Ocean

Pictures from





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I’m doing my research on Cuba. 11.27 million is the population of Cuba. Cuba is in the continent of North America.
I am going to write about Cuba.I could visit Santa Clara,Bayamo,Holguin.In Cuba there favorite sport is baseball. I will get to Cuba in a plane.I am going to visit Bayomo while I am in the country of Cuba. The tourist attraction I want to visit is a Hotel Royalton.I need to know the languages they speak,the foods they eat,what kind of homes they have,the stores they have,the kind of clothes they have,and more.I would need to learn how to speak Spanish.Hola como estas.




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All about Germany


All About Germany

I am. Doing Germany. Gemany is located in Europe. The population 80.62. The capital is Berlin,hopegarten,Naugn, are the most popular town or city in gemanythe Berlin Wall was buit in 8/15/1961to keep the east and west gemany apart. Football/socer is the most important sport in gemany. Berlin is the bigger city in Germany why should you go to gemany because the Berlin Wall was build there.they have a film festival and octobfest and Frankfurt book fair.there are some facts on why people travel to Germany

Germany is my county. I will get there by a boat or a airplane. I would like to go there bcause everybody on my mom side has been there but not me. I will communicateby sign language yes I do need to know either sign language or German language
Helleo how are you in German is hallo,wie geht es u

My pictures for Germany


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South Africa


South America
My county is South Africa

I will get their by an air plain.
I would like to go there
So I can learn about it
I would go:Wild coast,Robin island and I would be a tourist
The languages I do not haft to learn any language
Pictures from:



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My country that I chose is Japan. I will get there on a airplane.i don’t really know much about Japan so I Want to learn more about Japan. They speech a different language they speak Japanese. こんにちは、どのようにあなたの今日
Kon’nichiwa, done yō ni anata no kyō.(that means Hello, how are you today?)

some places I might want to visit are the Tokyo tower inspired by the Eiffel Tower, the golden pavilion is the most popular tourist attraction in Japan and Kyoto, and the Himeji castle is considered the best existing example of Japanese castle architecture.


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Hi thanks for checking out my blog and here are some fun facts about Japan.Japan population is 127,650,000.And some cites names in Japan are Toño,Oqa and saku.A tourist attraction in Japan whould be Mount Fuji they whould want to vist there because it’s the heights mountain in japan it’s about 3,776.24 meters.tourist whould what to vist sesō-Ji is the oldest temple in Tokyo.tourist also whould what to vist tōdai-ji because it once was one of the seven greatest temples.I whould have to either fly or use a boat to get to Japan. あなたは今日どのようにやっている that’s how you say hi how are you doing today in Japanese.I want to go there because it has a lot of history like temples.I whould vist Mount Fuji and I whould stay at the city Toñ need to know how to speek Japanese if you want to go there because if you don’t how whould you get food or find directions.If you want to go to Japan you need to know the weather a map maybe a bike a camera some clothes.Kids in Japan play ayatri for fun we call ayatri cats cartel.The kids also play beigoma it’s like bay blades they spin little toys and who ever get’s knocked out of the arena or stops spinning loses who evers is still spinning wins the game.

Pictures from:


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